Have an Aging Parent Still in Their Home?

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Something we all go through at some point.   Not a fun topic to discuss, but necessary in order to protect and provide for our elderly parents.   Elderly people usually dread the thought of leaving their home, especially if he/she had been there for an extended period of time.  It's what they know and it is their "comfort zone".   However, the longer families wait to have the difficult conversations about moving their parent(s) to transitional housing, the more difficult and stressful it becomes.

We recommend beginning these discussions while the parent(s) is/are still in the home and still healthy.  Our experience has been that they feel much more in control and agreeable to consider other options, versus the stress of having to make quick decisions - God forbid something happen to their health.   

My team has worked with dozens of families in this situation to provide resources and planning - especially when considering what to do with their home.   Our process can help determine how and when to sell the home and put together a game plan to make the process much less stressful for everyone, especially the parent.    If you'd like to discuss your situation, reach out to me by calling me directly at: 612.978.1108 or emailing me at:  glenn@necklenoakland.com


Glenn Necklen 

Co-Founder | Broker Associate | REALTOR