Do You Need a Brand Name to Sell Your House?


Brand can be an important thing. For most people it depends on what product is being considered. Peanut butter? ketchup?... these seem to be things that most people associate a brand name with being a better product. Then how about Real Estate companies: Do you need a brand name to sell your house? The industry experts say "NO". 

According to The National Association of Realtors, only about 4% of home sellers claim that an agent's affiliation with a particular brokerage is a major factor in hiring their agent.

As a Broker/Realtor that has worked with hundreds of home sellers, I can tell you that brand is near the bottom of the list for most homeowners when choosing an agent to represent them.  What they care about is service and communication, not a name on a sign. Also, with the rise of Internet marketing for Real Estate, the playing field has been leveled between the big names and the little brokerages. 

The days of "pocket listings" that the big firms market only in-house are a thing of the past. Now, over 90% of potential home buyers go to the Internet to search for homes. Therefore, sellers now want the most exposure via the web and because the marketing tools and apps are now readily available, and scale-able, to small Real Estate companies, the smaller firms can not only provide the same level of marketing exposure, but can often provide more personal and localized service. 

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Being a broker/agent at a small company myself, it is my objective to educate our clients and potential customers of the realities in our industry and assist them in making a choice based on criteria that is relevant to achieving THEIR goals, not smoke and mirrors of the past. 

Glenn Necklen is Broker / Owner / REALTOR at Necklen & Oakland- Professional Real Estate services in Maple Grove, MN.